It’s not every day the Fire Department pushes your car home…

Here’s what I have learned. If the differential in your car leaks onto the exhaust system, combustion and yellow flames happen.

No pictures but here’s the story. My 1981 AMC ‘Spirit’ – that’s American Motors Corp – aka the-brain-that-wouldn’t-die, started missing ominously. Now, anyone crazy enough to drive a nearly 30-year old automobile expects some missing and ominous noises now again.

I had pulled out of the drive way and started up the street when the car started missing. So thinking it was not sufficiently warmed up I turned into the alley at the end of my block. That’s when it stalled and started smelling like smoke. It seemed like time to get out of the car and look around. I called the Significant Other who promptly came running down the block.  My neighbors (next to the now smoking car) also came running out and pointed to the yellow flames under the smoking car. It seemed like the right time to call the Fire Department.

Which I did, for the first time ever in this life I might add, and since they also are nearly neighbors they showed up immediately with two trucks and took care of business.

They were almost to a person younger than my car (if not my shoes) asked what on earth is that car model (now smelling like an extinguished camp fire). Then they kindly offered to push the car down the block and back into the driveway.

Like the title says, it’s not every day the Fire Department pushes your car home. Thank you LA Fire Department.

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Cat Supervised Weaving

Pictured above is TR*, aka the little ball of fury, behind my LeClerc tapestry loom. Nice thing about table/portable looms is the ability to haul the whole business outside when the weather is nice and of course back when it’s not. It’s even possible to manage this with the loom in one and and a small, loud cat in the other. Of course, by the time this posts the weather is back to rain again.

In progress: recycled sweater yarn – wool – dyed with woad and miscellaneous yard trash.

*TR: Where her name cames from: TR was rescued in a TRW industrial park.

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Rain, Sun and back to Rain Again

Did I mention that the weather here is volatile and often just plain weird? Rain coming down in buckets. Windy. Tomorrow noon it may be sunny and near 70°, unlikely as that seems right now.

 Good weather to say in and weave. I’m currently working on a small piece woven with the “deconstructed” or recycled Abercrombie & Fitch sweater wool from my local Out-of-the-Closet thrift shop. Project began as a local guild challenge (earlier dye posts) and I’m still weaving through the accumulated stash.
The wool is a natural off-white. It’s been dyed with onion skins, Hibiscus flower (dried), Woad (powdered), Fennel, miscellaneous yard trash and copper or iron mordants.  I don’t really have a good, reliable local blue so generally I use Woad powder or Indigo. I was trying as much as possible to use what’s locally available and go easy on the chemical mordants.

The cats deal with the weather by alternately hibernating and demanding the door to Spring. Not a bad plan.

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