Vernal Equinox, Woad and Weld Started, Small Tapestries and my Flaming AMC

We passed the Vernal Equinox a week or two ago, which I think means beginning of Spring. Days are getting longer with a bit more light later into the evening. Some of the Weld and Woad that weren’t washed out of the flats in the last rain storm are nearly ready to move into the garden.

This one is neither Woad nor Weld, but one of the California Poppies blooming all around my street.

On the subject of weaving, one piece is off the loom and another one started

Lastly, an automotive postscript: My neighbors have taken to calling my AMC (aka: the-brain-that-wouldn’t-die) the “flaming amc”…

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It’s not every day the Fire Department pushes your car home…

Here’s what I have learned. If the differential in your car leaks onto the exhaust system, combustion and yellow flames happen.

No pictures but here’s the story. My 1981 AMC ‘Spirit’ – that’s American Motors Corp – aka the-brain-that-wouldn’t-die, started missing ominously. Now, anyone crazy enough to drive a nearly 30-year old automobile expects some missing and ominous noises now again.

I had pulled out of the drive way and started up the street when the car started missing. So thinking it was not sufficiently warmed up I turned into the alley at the end of my block. That’s when it stalled and started smelling like smoke. It seemed like time to get out of the car and look around. I called the Significant Other who promptly came running down the block.  My neighbors (next to the now smoking car) also came running out and pointed to the yellow flames under the smoking car. It seemed like the right time to call the Fire Department.

Which I did, for the first time ever in this life I might add, and since they also are nearly neighbors they showed up immediately with two trucks and took care of business.

They were almost to a person younger than my car (if not my shoes) asked what on earth is that car model (now smelling like an extinguished camp fire). Then they kindly offered to push the car down the block and back into the driveway.

Like the title says, it’s not every day the Fire Department pushes your car home. Thank you LA Fire Department.

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