Blog Moving Day

I’m a craptacular blogger.  I just realized I haven’t posted in over a year.   What I have done however is install my own local WordPress.  With only one call to the kind people at Pair Networks Tech Support. 

It will be the usual mix of plants, cats, dye projects with painting and print making tossed in.


0 thoughts on “Blog Moving Day

  • Hi,
    Hope you are doing well.
    Was playing with some Oxalis last month. Put mostly leaves and a few flowers in a jar and week later put in cotton fabric and wool sample. Came out light yellow(ish).
    Am trying to figure how to make a backstrap or easy loom to use at home.
    Then can take it outside or other rooms.
    Are you on another site now ( like FB or instagram…)?

  • jamie_work_admin says:

    I’m ok but the current weather in California has been rough on whats left of my garden. Also I’m working longish hours so my blogging has been really spotty. Oxalis seems to survive everything so I have lots of that.

    About backstrap weaving. Laverne Waddington ( taught a class at So Cal Handweavers guild. Her blog is pretty informative.

    Also, years ago in the public library I ran across ‘Techniques of Guatemalan Weaving’, Lena Bjerregaard which is also good. I picked up a copy recently on ebay.

    Both of those have good instructions on how to setup up a backstrap loom.

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