0 thoughts on “Cotton Blossoming

  • Your plants and flowers look to good. How tall are they? Do you know the type of cotton? Are the plants more than a year old?
    Havnt planted any for awhile. My do well plants now are sage,iris,and a grape vine. (would be nice to build a trellis and sit in its shade).

    • I think that it is Pima cotton – because the fiber comes off the seeds easily. It can even be spun off the boll.

      It’s actually one small tree or a really big shrub. (I’ll post another picture.) The tree is maybe 3 yrs old. Some years ago the Fall 1966 (vol. XX, no.3) issue of Spin-off published an article by Mary Frances Eves, “All from one plant” which among other things describes cotton plants she let continue from year to year until they became trees that she “had to harvest with a ladder” (Spin-off, p.49). This sounded interesting so I let some plants go to see what would happen. The resulting tree took over the clothes line, had to be chopped down and another one started where it wouldn’t overwhelm anything. I do however top the tree off so I can pick without a ladder.

      Since I get more than I’m going to use I pass the rest to my weaving guild and knitting/spinning friends.

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