End of Oxalis 2020

Last of the Oxalis
Last Oxalis 2020

I’m really a craptacular blogger. Haven’t posted since January when the Oxalis started to take off. As I have often posted, Oxalis is a pain-in-the-neck for gardens but a great dye plant. It goes rampant around January and starts to die off around May-June when the weather heats up.

dye plant demo
From the Huntington Gardens Fiber Day Demo (last year)

0 thoughts on “End of Oxalis 2020

  • Hi
    How are you doing?
    Are you going to Grahm Keegans free indigo dye plants tomorrow 3/6, 10am to ?
    When does Huntington Gardens do their fiber day demo this year (think another garden nearby also does that) ? such nice colors of yarns !
    Be well
    Am going to try mexican marigold dyeing this weekend.

    • jamie_work_admin says:

      No, I’m going to have to miss the free indigo plants tomorrow. But about the Huntington Gardens, I’m not sure about the fiber arts day demo. It is usually in May. Last year it was cancelled but I haven’t heard anything yet.

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