More Basil Baby Blanket(s), more frogging, and corners.

I’ve put my other knitting on hold while I finish up the baby blankets. I am hoping to complete both blankets before the twins go off to college. (Bit of an exageration here – they’ve only recently passed their mutual 2nd birthday.) Bit more frogging and swearing and now they (the blankets) seem to be on track.


Adding to my list of things not to do is: don’t bind the edging off too tight. Do this and the whole busness will be too tight on the edge and much looser at the center. I had this feeling that some things can’t be fixed by blocking so more frogging and re-working. (For the record, the  Dale of Norway/Baby Ull has held up really well with all the gentle frogging and re-knitting. You wouldn’t know what it’s been through.)

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