More Weld

Weld plant April 2016
Weld plant April 2016

This was back in April the Weld started shooting up.


Weld plant, May 2016
Weld plant, May 2016

The tomato cage might give an indication of the height of the plant.  I’ve seen them grow much taller.  This one  however is flowering so it’s unlikely to see more growth.


Weld closeup
Weld, closeup

Almost ready for seed saving.

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    • Mine, grown in southern California, live about a year. The one in the pictures was actually a volunteer that somehow was seeded a few feet from where I had planned to grow the Weld. Once it starts shooting up with blossoms that’s about it.

      I had read you can use the whole plan and that seems to work for me. I save the whole plant dried to use later.

      They might last longer someplace else – another climate. We’ve had pretty consistent heat waves here.

  • Has been quite warm here (next county over). May have found a small bag of Weld seeds . Was thinking of taking Metrolink to Orange then Red line and visit Natural dye places. Found GrahamKeegan and Jane of Noone. (not sure if still there). Have you found other businesses that do natural dying? Thank you for your blog!
    Am trying pressure printing with plants…now (using old phone book and a weight.Wonder how Weld would do ?

    • Thank you for the new Expo line info. The Camera Obscura sounds neat. Have some Pokeweed plant found in town if you want some. Though you might find it at FM or in LA someplace.Havnt used any of these lines yet. So are you near Graham Keegan studio? Not sure what to look under at Ravelry. Yes yellow and pink Oxalis- am wondering if extract Oxalic acid to mordant with). Am trying to figure how to make paint, print ink with plant/soils and get to stay on fabric. Have a good weekend

      • To: Subject: Re: tinctures and woad  HiJamie,Is this same you Jamie as Backyard dyer?Found this on my msn account (usually use yarnspinner  Have you seen this study done on Woad? make me wonder as they didnt get good results for fermenting .They needed to find a real user of Woad to do that study properly I think.Showed results with hot water extraction at diff temps and pH.   Havnt found any talks by Julie Jmes in Ventura county, as that sounded fun.Have started back up an old indigo fermantation vat. Am getting some blues, that dont was off , that hadnt even been green or yellow when pulled from vat.  A little confusing but will keep playing with it. Am wondering what effects colors of blues when using indigo.Have a good weekend.Lynn

  • Thanks for the link. Have fed mine old bits dates,pears.. Am thinking could maybe use acai ( since it said antioxidents. What about vite C?
    Someone used pickling lime (Pharmacy), which is food grade lime, I use water that soaked in wood ashes (also stale urine).

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