More Woad and Weld Sans Possums

The Possums are quiet this month. (And I realized that I misspelled ‘Possum’ in my last post so now my poor spelling has been advertised planet-wide…)

The Woad in a planter however still isn’t doing well though the Woad in the ground continues to flourish merrily.


Weld also growing.  Hand in the 2nd picture to give an idea of the size.  They are still small plants but tend to shoot up in the spring.



I start them off with a cover of hardware cloth (wire mesh) to protect from local wildlife that like to roll and dig into new beds.  Just removed the cover this week since I think they are large enough to be safe.

0 thoughts on “More Woad and Weld Sans Possums

  • Jamie,

    They look good, are the oragne part of the Weld leaves due to cold weather? I had to save some of my newly set out annuals with cardboard tubing and clean out the old dried leaves that snails hid under. Thought could leave them for mulch when weather became warm. Just found some fertilizer made of fish so am using that on potted plants that need more foilage. How long before you start using your leaves for blue or yellow?
    Attend any dye classes lately?
    Thank you for the photos
    Lynn D

  • About the orange part of the leaves, yes. The weather in Los Angeles has been not just crazy but psychotic I know desert climates can flip between hot and cold really fast within a day but Woad isn’t a desert plant.

    In need to start some small Woad plants in the house. Part of the problem is being nibbled by the locals. When they are a bit larger I can move them to pots covered with hardware cloth. My excuse is that lately I’ve been too tired after work to do much buy lay around in a heap and let cats walk on me.

    Ultimately I’m going to use it for blue. Of course not having a field I also buy the Woad power from my local occult shop, the Greenman. (Nice folks, *wonderful* herb selection.) Between the shop and my yard I have a good supply.

    Between the Weld, Fennel and Oxlis I have enough yellow for my self and various weaving guild members.

    Its going to be awhile before I can take any classes. My local weaving guild, So Cal Handweavers has a tapestry class in September and I’m saving up for convergence.

    By the way have you seen this blog: . Finnish dyer. I think you would like her work.

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