Woad: Seeds

One of my favorite dye blogs is Rihivilla Dyeing with natural dyes. Wonderful pictures and good information. The current post: Riihivilla, Dyeing with natural dyes: Now in my garden Nyt puutarhassa has a good picture (scroll down a bit) of what Woad seeds look link when ready to harvest.

Pictures of my going-to-seed Woad plant below. (Hand in pictures to give an idea of the size of the seeds.)

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0 thoughts on “Woad: Seeds

  • HI Jamie
    Thank you for the post to your blog, your right the Rihivilla site is nice
    great photos also (I should ask about her camera as am shopping for one)
    The swallowtail butterflies were out yesterday. Just found another nat dye group, have you been to Natural dyes on yahoo they are talking of woad leaves.
    Be well
    Lynn D

    • Is the group “Natural dyeing in New Zealand/Aotearoa and Australia” – I just subscribed to that one.

      I don’t know what camera is used for the Rihivilla site but I like the Nikon p5100. It’s small, portable and takes a good picture. Mine is a refurb.

      Take card,

  • Hi, and thanks for recommending my blog:)
    I learn all the time and that is why the internet is so great, to find and share information.
    i take most of my photos myself, some are taken by my husband (like the woad seed picture, I couldn’t get a sharp picture of the swaying seeds, so I asked him to take one, he is better at it), we had Pentax K10 which broke down a month ago, so the latest pictures are taken with a borrowed Canon 450, until we get a new Pentax (DH likes it best), it is mostly what you are used to which is the best:)

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