3 thoughts on “Oxalis / Wood Sorrel Season (Again)”

  • Hi We have Oxalis, so far no flowers. Wonder what the pH of the leaves are andif

    can use as modifier of pH of dye pot or fiber. We also have a pink flowered cultivar

    that is almost as spreading.


  • Suzanne Chappell, VP Bobbinwinders Guild says:

    Hi Jamie, I have always been interested in natural dyes, but have never done them myself at home (except I helped on a science project for one of my sons). I have visited your Backyard Dyer blog, and know you presented a program and workshop for SCHG in the recent past.
    I am wondering if you might possibly do a program presentation for Bobbinwinders Guild for our 2017-2018 year. We meet the third Fridays of the month in Covina, CA, and would love for you to share your knowledge with us.
    Suzanne Chappell
    VP Bobbinwinders Guild

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