March 2016 Weld and Woad

Weld plant, March 2016
Weld plant, March 2016

This Weld plant popped up nearby so I put the bricks around it – my universal marker for this-is-not-really-a-weed-dont-pull-or-stomp-on.  With any luck this one will have the tenacity to survive the current drought conditions.

Woad in yard, March 2016

This is the surviving Woad plant from last year.

One thought on “March 2016 Weld and Woad”

  • Jami, while sorting thru boes found an envelope of a small # of Woad seeds and realized had never seen it turn into sprouts, let alone bigger plants. Is there a secret to help it sprout or to growing it in so cal? thanks (also found some Japanese Indigo seed and think might be too dry for it.)

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